Why WP Temple uses Outlook.com for Email Hosting

I have been a huge proponent of Google Apps for Business for several years now. Recently they updated their offering to remove their free plan. While i'm ok with companies removing their free plan, they  should at least grandfather users in with the same features that they had previously. Unfortunately, Google did not do so - placing restrictions on things like Google Drive … [Read More...]


Introduction to Genesis Sandbox

As a WordPress professional, I am constantly looking for ways to speed up my workflow. The Genesis Framework is one of my favorite time savers, sometimes cutting my development time in half. I have now been using the Genesis framework for over a year now, and it keeps getting better and better. Adding Schema and HTML5 syntax in their recent 2.0 release has made … [Read More...]


WordSesh 2 Streaming to a Computer Near You

Wordsesh is one of the coolest things that the WordPress community has produced. It is a free 24 hour live streaming session of presentations, by some of the foremost WordPress experts in the world. Now a second Wordsesh has arrived and will begin on December 7th at 0:00 UTC (that’s 7:00PM for those of us on […]

SSH Into VirtualBox Linux VM on OS X

Like many other developers, I prefer to do all of my development within a virtual machine so I can mimic my production server as closely as possible. I recently made the switch from Windows to Mac, and as such no longer have VMware Workstation to use for virtualization. I decided to use the free and […]

Welcome to WP Temple!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to WP Temple! I’m Zach Russell, and I recently acquired this domain. My goal for this site is to have it become a haven for all things WordPress, from news to tutorials and beyond.

10 Must Have Android Apps for Developers on the go

Android is the open source phone OS that has taken the mobile device market by storm, similarly to how WordPress has taken the web. There are hundreds of thousands of of apps on the android market through the Google Play store many of which are developer centeric. Below are 10 apps that you should have on your […]